Diablo 4 Leveling Tierlist

  • PulverizePulverize Druid
  • UpheavalUpheaval Barbarian
  • Ice ShardsIce Shards Sorcerer
  • RendRend Barbarian
  • Bone SpearBone Spear Necromancer
  • Penetrating ShotPenetrating Shot Rogue
  • Hammer of the AncientsHammer of the Ancients Barbarian
  • LandslideLandslide Druid
  • FrenzyFrenzy Barbarian
  • Army of the DeadSummoner Necromancer
  • Blood LanceBlood Lance Necromancer
  • FlurryFlurry Rogue
  • WolvesCompanion Druid
  • BlightBlight Necromancer
  • WhirlwindWhirlwind Barbarian

S tier builds generally overperform expectations. A tier builds perform as expected to quickly reach level 100 and B tier underperforms a little but still stays in the meta. C tier is reserved for underperforming builds that were nerfed or never was balanced properly but still popular among some players.

This tier list may change based on the discoverability of new synergies or approaches to the builds.