Diablo 4 Helltide Tracker, Timers, and Notifications

The D4Planner Helltide timer shows how long until the helltide event starts, and provides future times for expected helltides to occur. Click the button below to enable push notifications so you never miss another helltide! Helltides are always happening, and reset on the hour.


Starts In:

4:00:00 PM

Future Spawns:

5:00:00 PM6:00:00 PM7:00:00 PM
To enable notifications on iOS, you need to add D4Planner to your home screen

The map below shows mystery chests (red) and seasonal living steel chests (purple), the chests that are currently active have a glowing dot above them. Active chests rotate on the hour.

Tortured Gift of Living Steel chests during the helltide event require 300 cinders to open, and you'll need these to farm mats for Uber Duriel, which is the primary method to obtain uber uniques in Diablo 4 Season 2.

Tortured Gift of Mysteries chests during the helltide event require 250 cinders to open, and are a great way to farm high value legendary items.

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