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Deathless Visage

Unique Helm

925+25 Item Power

Upgrades 5/5

1188 Armor
    • Bone Spear leaves behind echoes as it travels that explode, dealing 6960.06 damage, increased by 5%[x] for every 30% of your Critical Strike Damage Bonus. Current Bonus: [Floor((ComputeCritDamageScalar()+-1+Crit_Damage_Percent)/0.3)*5|x%|]
    • 10.94% Damage Reduction
    • +26.25% Physical Damage
    • +31.5% Bone Critical Strike Damage
    • +22.5 Maximum Essence

    "Rathma is endless. He was the first Ancient, and will remain at the end. He is the master of the Great Cycle of Being. When Death comes for him, why should he fear it?" - Vauntus, Acolyte of Rathma