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Bloodless Scream

Unique Two-Handed Scythe

925 Item Power

Upgrades 0/5

3677 Damage Per Second
3269 - 4903 Damage Per Hit
0.9 Attacks Per Second
  • +2.65 Life On Kill
  • Your Darkness Skills Chill enemies for up to 100% and deal 50% increased damage to Frozen enemies. Lucky Hit: Your Darkness Skills have up to a 100% chance to generate 10 additional Essence against Frozen targets.
  • +35% Darkness Skill Damage
  • +28% Damage to Chilled Enemies
  • +104 Intelligence
  • +80% Cold Resistance

"My companion swung her odd weapon in a wide arc, and our pursuer stopped short. The look of horror on his face as his body fell to pieces will haunt me forever." - The Ebon Pages, Canto II, Verse XI