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How to farm Gold, Scattered Prisms, Obducite, Ingolith, Neathrion, Angelbreath, Runeshards, Respendent Sparks, and Gemstone Fragments

Farming Gold, Scattered Prisms, and All Materials

Saturday, May 18, 2024

After a huge overhaul of the Loot System - Diablo 4 Season 4 Loot Reborn - many materials are harder to farm. Masterworking gear costs a tremendous amount of gold, and will become a bottleneck for late game progression.

For gold farming, we primarily want to complete Whispers of the Dead bounties at the Tree of Whispers. Helltides, specifically Harvest whispers are great ones to focus on. Dungeon whispers work well, as do PvP zone whispers.

For Scattered Prism farming, the easiest way is to make sure not to miss world boss events. To easily help you track and be notified when a world boss event is going to happen, head over to Diablo 4 World Boss Tracker .