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Side Quests are a great way to increase your renown per zone,

Efficient Renown Farming in Diablo 4

Thursday, Jun 8, 2023

After you've completed the main Diablo 4 campaign, explored the map, and unlocked every altar of lilith, that leaves side quests and dungeons as ways you can increase your renown to get increased paragon points for every zone. There are a number of side quests that involve a dungeon in some way, so the most efficient way to farm this source of renown is to do them both at the same time! To help, here is a list of all the side quests that will require you to complete a dungeon as part of the quest chain:

Credit to /u/Tyndy for compiling this list


Dungeon: Domhainne Tunnels
The Seer - Map Link

Dungeon: Underroot
Daughter of the Oak - Map Link

Dungeon: Sarat's Lair
Feral Moon - Map Link
Fields of Ruin - Map Link

Dungeon: Wretched Delve
The Diviner - Map Link


Dungeon: Light's Watch
Legacies of Light's Watch - Map Link

Dungeon: Hoarfrost Demise
Shattered Tribute - Map Link

Dungeon: Rimescar Cavern
Hammer of the Champion - Map Link

Dungeon: Black Asylum
Cries of Innocence - Map Link

Dungeon: Sanguine Chapel
Blood Sermon - Map Link

Dungeon: Cultists Refuge
Sight to Madness - Map Link

Dungeon: Hallowed Ossuary
The Dread Martyr - Map Link


Dungeon: Champion's Demise
Raising Spears - Map Link
Consumed by Pride - Map Link

Dungeon: Grinning Labyrinth
Hubris Smiles Back - Map Link
Augury of Bones - Map Link

Dungeon: Whispering Vault
In the Name of Love - Map Link


Dungeon: Blind Burrows
A Price to Pay - Map Link
The Heretic - Map Link

Dungeon: Maugan's Folly
Remnants of Faith - Map Link

Dungeon: Shadowed Plunge
Left Behind - Map Link

Dungeon: Light’s Refuge
Desperate Remedies - Map Link


Dungeon: Prison of Caldeum
Remnants - Map Link

Dungeon: Conclave
A Voice from the Past - Map Link
The Speaking Stone - Map Link

Dungeon: Forgotten Ruins
A Wolf's Honor - Map Link

Dungeon: Tomb of the Saints
Symbol of Faith - Map Link