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Altars of Lilith locations in Diablo IV to gain powerful bonuses

All Altars of Lilith Locations

Wednesday, May 31, 2023

On your first playthrough, finding Altars of Lilith should be prioritized, because of the possible bonuses you can receive from activating them:

  • Strength +2
  • Intelligence +2
  • Willpower +2
  • Dexterity +2
  • +5 Maximum Murmuring Obols Capacity
  • +1 Paragon Point

As you can see, the bonuses for these will add up quickly, and once unlocked, they will be unlocked for all characters on that realm. There are 160 total altars, and you can see all of their locations on the map below:

To save your progress for marked locations, and for a fullscreen view of the full map of Sanctuary, head to Diablo 4 Interactive Map